Kalamazoo Fruit Follow Up

2012 Elderberries

When you don’t blog for a while, it gets harder and harder to start again, so I’ll just quickly give you the fruit wise developments as we head into late autumn. Brrr. The elderberries were plucked beautifully by many friends including Susan Ramsey, Jamie Blake, Sass Havilar, Chris Magson, DAvid Magson, LeeAnn Johnson, Mike Campbell, Kellee Campbell, Nic Martin.

This was fifteen pounds of elderberries, which made five gallons of wine. Here it is fermenting under a table in the back room.  Meanwhile I also found a lot of pears on the only pear tree in Kalamazoo that was fruitful, and boy oh boy, it was fruitful. I brought home hundreds of pears, enough to eat every day and feed to the donkeys and also to make five gallons of pear wine, which is fermenting in the kitchen.  Oh, the sweet smell of sugar turning to alcohol.  On the nonalcoholic front, I managed to can pints of pears, which I can honestly say are organic, since nobody even knows about the tree, let alone fertilizes it or applies pesticides. It is a very popular tree with the yellow jackets, one of whom stung my thumb.I also managed to get quarts of tomatoes, which will be very delicious in the winter.  So I have preserved, and I have blogged.  Yea!

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I'm the author of ONCE UPON A RIVER, AMERICAN SALVAGE, MOTHERS TELL YOUR DAUGHTERS, Q ROAD, WOMEN & OTHER ANIMALS. I love Michigan, donkeys, black walnuts, blackcap raspberries, Flannery O'Connor.
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  1. rams says:

    And you have fermented!

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