Ireland joins Scotland and Michigan: Outriders in the Bay Area.

What a pleasure it was to spend the day with Irish writer, Emer Martin and her family! While Jenni Fagan and I were staying in San Francisco as part of the Edinburgh Book Festival’s Outrider project, Jenni’s good friend Emer Martin drove up from Palo Alto with her husband, daughter, and wee dog, and met us downtown at the Beat Museum (see photo below if you want to know how much she misses the beatniks.)

Here’s the website for the Beat Museum:

Emer Martin is a sensation, a force of nature and art, a writer, painter, and filmmaker, and all around dynamic human. Since we Outriders are here to celebrate books and writing and the inspirations for all that, I’ll just mention her novels, which include Breakfast in Babylon (which won Book of the Year at the 1996 Listowel Writers’ Week), More Bread Or I’ll Appear,  Baby Zero . She is currently finishing her new novel (which might actually be two novels) about events inside what have been called The Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, or Magdalene asylums, were institutions of confinement run by Roman Catholic orders right up through the 1990s.

Her website is here —

Emer and her family then drove us around San Francisco a bit and then across the bridge to Sausalito, where we ate a great meal right on the edge of the water (highlights were many, including Dungeness crabcakes for me and a calamari steak for Jenni.)

Then they drove us up into the Marin headlands for spectacular views of the bay and the bridge. We talked about the vagaries of publishing, politics, home ownership (out of reach for many in the Bay Area) and making a living (Emer is currently teaching English in the public schools, in a town where half of the cars are Teslas.)  And of course shoes–note her jazzy platform wingtips.

Emer’s daughter Jasmine, MiddleSchoolBoyfriend, pictured here, has her own radio show, Homeroom, on KZSU Stanford radio station every Saturday night at 9 -10.30.
Homeroom with (from 2100-2230) People can tune in on the internet live. She focuses mostly on California bands. Surf rock, surf punk, garage rock, punk, psych rock, and maybe even the occasional bit of dream pop.
 KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM – Schedule.

For more info about the Outrider project, which has paired up Scottish and American writers to travel the New World, created by the Edinburgh Book Festival

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