Submission of Eggs


I gave Deborah Gang a dozen eggs at our opening at the Book Arts Center, or rather I should say that I submitted the eggs to her, and here was her response:

Thank you for your submission, Happy Eggs. We received an unprecedented number of excellent entries, and while your work was not chosen as a finalist for the contest, we would like to use seven of the twelve eggs in our next issue: we have chosen eggs numbered 2,3,5,6,9,10,and 12, counting across from left to right. Please note that our editors strongly agreed that Happy Eggs numbered 1,4,7,8,and 11 tasted better than either Target’s cage-free organic or D&W’s cage-free organics. This was not a blind test. We do not judge submissions blind because we need to avoid the embarrassment of rejecting Mary Oliver, Ted Kooser and Alicia Ostriker. These are actual examples. Please let us know if you would like to be in V 12. #4. The theme will be The Egg Was First. Most likely. It is still under debate. Thank you, unpaid intern

I’ve concluded that my success rate in submitting farm fresh eggs from happy chickens is greater than my success rate in submitting stories. Perhaps Deborah needs a break from all things literary, but she made my day. Cheers! Bonnie

About bonniejocampbell

I'm the author of ONCE UPON A RIVER, AMERICAN SALVAGE, MOTHERS TELL YOUR DAUGHTERS, Q ROAD, WOMEN & OTHER ANIMALS. I love Michigan, donkeys, black walnuts, blackcap raspberries, Flannery O'Connor.
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1 Response to Submission of Eggs

  1. Sonya says:

    This cracked me up. Maybe once my hens start laying again, I should start sending eggs along with story submissions…

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