Eating at AWP 2012 in Chicago

Okay, here’s my second WordPress blog.  I think I forgot all I learned by putting up my first blog.  I’m sharing some photos from AWP in Chicago, most of which were taken in restaurants. At home I pretty much eat the same thing every day, so it was pretty exciting to be eating fancy foods in respectable establishments.

This is taken of me and some of my brilliant former students from Pacific University by a kind stranger at The Bean in Chicago (BJC, Ellen Michaelson, Heather Sappenfield, Sue Staats.)  Below see a photo of our food at the Gage restaurant, 24 S. Michigan Avenue, we went to together.

Heather and I both had beet salads, and I wished they were more generous in proportion. Sue had a wild mushroom sandwich and a cup of soup with fries.  Ellen had a seared steak salad.

In the Gage bathroom, we found this great old sink, and all three gals washed their hands at the same time. Later we went to the Corner Bakery and ate pastries

Here Karen and I are at the great tapas restaurant Mercat a la Planxa, 638 S. Michigan.  Angela took the photo. Karen and Angela V. are from the nonprofit organization Literature For All Of Us  Below, find a close up of my bowl of trufflized turnip soup with stuff on to

The stuff on the cracker is proscuitto, fig, goat cheese, and green stuff.

The evening after taking part in the National Book Critics Circle reading, I was honored to go to dinner with some NBCC folks, in an event organized by Jane Ciabattari, and we sat in a private room at the back of a restaurant called Gioco, 1312 W. Wabash. I sat next to Bruce McPherson, who published Jaimy Gordon’s National Book award winning Lord of Misrule. Across from me was Jaimy.  On my left sat YA author Lucy Silag, and next to her sat her mom, Jane Smiley, and on the other side of Jane Smiley was Darrin Strauss (2011 NBCC winner in autobiography). Jane, Lucy, and Darrin left early to go to the Literary Death Match, in which Jane was either competing or judging.  Jaimy and Bruce also left early to go to a second dinner with other people.  Those of us who remained are pictured below.  We all loved that the doors to the private room in which we were eating became book shelves.

From left to right: Christie Cooke (who teaches at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence,Kansas), Isabel Wilkerson (winner of the 2010 NBCC award in Nonfiction), Denise Low-Weso (President of Board of Directors of AWP, Jane Ciabattari (National Book Critics Circle Vice President and organizer of NBCC AWP event), Noreen Tomassi, (Director of the Center for Fiction in NYC).

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I'm the author of ONCE UPON A RIVER, AMERICAN SALVAGE, MOTHERS TELL YOUR DAUGHTERS, Q ROAD, WOMEN & OTHER ANIMALS. I love Michigan, donkeys, black walnuts, blackcap raspberries, Flannery O'Connor.
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8 Responses to Eating at AWP 2012 in Chicago

  1. just to practice, I”m leaving a comment!

  2. Loved this – I ate well and often too!

  3. Gina B says:

    gee, I LOVE this post! I entirely love the “about this blog”. BEAUTIFUL. Even the green stuff.

    you rub elbows and everyone smiles from your warmth.

  4. sassafras havilar says:

    thanks for the insights into your world, and great restaurant tips for Chicago, I’ll be there for 3 days early April.

  5. Dave Wanty says:

    Nice new format, Bonnie. Love the baby and mom burros on your header. Your pictures reminded me of how much I enjoy Chicago, and how much I love Michigan for not being Chicago.

  6. Sue Staats says:

    Those mushrooms were delish. But your beets were prettier! And that sink! Someone should blog about restaurant bathrooms in Chicago! But someone probably is, already…
    Great to see you and hang out.

  7. You switched over to WordPress! Do you like it? I like the blog title!

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